Site introduction
Psychics lecture
We verified from various angles about the true nature of the "spirit."

Meditation lecture
We introduce how anyone can meditate easily.

Japan Super-ancient history Study
On the basis of the newest science information, we guessed the process of the national formation in Japan.

Spiritual enlightenment lecture
We interpreted the contents of "Vimalakirti-nirdesa sutra" which is the Mahayana Buddhist scripture on the basis of the knowledge of modern science.

Healthy non-smoking classroom
We introduce the method of performing prohibition of smoking by the new viewpoint.

Showa dark tradition
This work is a pure and simple novel, and the whole of the contents is a fiction. This is not related to which actual organization and person. Since this is a fiction, the fact that it is written to this work does not exist at all.

Healing MIDI corner
All songs are healing music.
Classic Pop Easy-listening music and Creation music are prepared.

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